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Global Environmental Efforts               click here for Japanese

Not only are we the company that can be chosen by clients, we actively take action to reduce environment load, and promote environment conservation and creative endeavors as a company that provides high-quality products. Moreover, with the partnership with local communities, we pursue the sustainable development by harmonizing/balancing environment and economy.
<Course of action>
We pursue the realization of society that enables persistent global development and conduct company activities considering global environment and regional environment conservation.
1. For all company activities, we work on environment conservation.
  • We conduct company activities that comply with laws and regulations.
  • We promote at all phases of company activities including product development, production, sales, etc.
  • For client companies, we take the lead on promoting the understanding and cooperation toward environment conservation activities.
  • We promote activities that considering natural environment.
2. We take action to environment conservation that can coexist with local community.
  • As corporate citizens, we promote local clean-up activities.
  • We take action to business activities that consider regional environment conservation, such as pollution preventive measures.
3. We take action to solve environmental issues; prevention global warming, creation of recycling society, reduction of toxic chemical compounds, etc.
4. We try to raise environmental awareness by promoting environmental enlightenment/educational activities.